Workout Wednesday: October 30

Exercising with Good Housekeeping by Kevin Dooley via Flickr

I’m still dealing with the same IT band issues I talked about last week. I haven’t done any running or cycling in over a week and still I have pain down my hips and just above my knees. I use the foam roller in the morning and at night. I stretch after my warmup and before I start the fast walking that is now my only form of cardiovascular exercise. I had acupuncture and a 60 minute deep tissue massage to try to break up the lactic acid and huge boulder-sized knots in my legs. And still, the pain. This has got to be one of those Life Lesson things that’s supposed to teach me patience! (I’m not-so-patiently learning to be patient, I promise.)

So, what DID I do this week?

Wednesday – 3 laps on the walking path at work (10,663 steps)

Thursday – 1.85 mile walk in the neighborhood plus 2 laps on the walking path at work (1 mile total) (15,090 steps)

Friday – 3 laps on walking path at work (10.977 steps)

Saturday – 3.46 mile walk in the neighborhood (13,442 steps)

Sunday – Step Out 5K to cure diabetes, picnic in the park with my new Meetup group, plus mall walking! (17,192 steps)

Monday – 3 laps on the walking path at work (10,410 steps)

Tuesday – 2.92 mile walk in the neighborhood (11,918 steps)

My blood sugar readings are good, weight is still coming off (albeit a little slower), and I know that not being able to run or bike isn’t having a bad effect on my physical health, but mentally it’s driving me crazy. If you’d told me in January of this year that my inability to run or bike would be the toughest thing in my life in October, I would have laughed in your face. What a difference nine months can make!

  • you know, aside from the pain part, it’s probably not that bad that you’re having a slow down … thinking of weight loss plateaus etc, changing what you’re doing often helps people bump off a plateau … changing your exercise frequency / energy may give you body the break it needs to heal but also end up giving you a real bump when you start back into jogging .. this may actually (in a slightly more painful way than you’d like obviously!) turn out to be a good thing … sort of 🙂


      Hi Lisa,

      I am convinced that this is really a very important time for my body in terms of gathering strength to move to another level, so I agree with you that this will turn out to be a good thing in the long run. Heck, I wanted to go back to just walking in the mornings for the longest time and now that I have I can only think about running and/or biking, so I’m definitely more motivated to run than I have been, which is also good. If only I could banish the thought at the edge of my brain that perhaps this isn’t temporary and that I won’t ever be able to run or bike without discomfort (and the possibility of causing permanent damage) again, I could happily settle down to ride this out. It’s the not knowing how long that is making me nuts.

      Thanks for the lovely comment and your support!