Workout Wednesday: October 23

Exercising with Good Housekeeping by Kevin Dooley via Flickr

My body keeps teaching me lessons in patience – patience and letting go. I have major control issues and they seem to be flaring up more than usual lately, contributing to a feeling that things should be moving faster than they are. I want to be able to run – really run, not my slow, pokey jogging. I want my body weight to drop down into the “healthy” range (I’m clinically obese) immediately, even though I’ve lost over 65 pounds in less than nine months and that’s amazing all by itself. Not being able to run or ride my bike until the soreness in my IT band subsides is kicking my anxiety into new and heretofore unknown levels of craziness, but I’m stretching and foam roller-ing as instructed, and trying to relax and enjoy life in general.

Given all of that, what did my activities look like this week?

Wednesday, October 16 – 3 laps on the walking path at work (13,541 steps)

Thursday, October 17 – 2.5 miles walking/jogging for Up & Running 5K course plus 4 laps on the walking path at work (1 mile total) (17,374 steps)

Friday, October 18 – Walked a mile each way to lunch from work plus 3 laps on walking path at work (12,687 steps)

Saturday, October 19 – Not a darn thing except going to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert with my husband! (7,183 steps)

Sunday, October 20 – Walked all three floors of our local shopping mall plus 30 minutes/1.8 miles walking on the treadmill at the gym (16,451 steps)

Monday, October 21 – 2.66 mile walk in the morning plus 2 laps on the walking path at work (15,543 steps)

Tuesday, October 22 – 4 laps on the walking path at work ( steps)

I’ve made a real effort to walk every day on the path at work, and to take as many colleagues with me as are willing to go. I’m also standing up for meetings whenever possible to avoid doing nothing but sitting around all day at work. I might not be able to run as much as I feel I ought to, but I’m definitely racking up the overall mileage most days and that’s all that’s required to keep my blood sugar in control, help fight the depression, and get/keep excess weight off. The running bit is for my ego, not my health (another reminder for me) and it’s more important to take care of myself than it is to meet an arbitrary goal.