Workout Wednesday: December 4 (late)

Exercising with Good Housekeeping by Kevin Dooley via Flickr

It’s sort of crazy to me how natural it is for me to get up and walk for a hour in the mornings now – I don’t really think about it, I just do it. Same with my afternoon walks at work. When did I become such an active person? I’m still planning to give jogging another try in the new year but at least in the meantime I’m burning plenty of calories (and, more importantly, glucose) through exercise!

What did I do this week?
Wednesday – 2.11 mile walk around the neighborhood (15,263 steps)
Thursday – 5K Thank You walk in the morning and not a whole lot more all day! (11,675 steps)
Friday – 3.18 and 4.09 mile walks in the neighborhood plus Pilates Reformer class (24,001 steps)
Saturday – 7.23 mile bike ride and 2.77 mile walk in the neighborhood (18,476 steps)
Sunday – 3.13 mile walk in the neighborhood, five rounds of mall walking, plus Pilates Reformer class (21,053 steps)
Monday – 3.18 mile walk in the neighborhood plus four laps on the walking path at work (22,530 steps)
Tuesday – 3.06 mile walk in the neighborhood plus three laps on the walking path at work (17,006 steps)

I didn’t get in as much activity on Thanksgiving Day as I’d planned but I’m still really pleased with my exercise for the week. I started the year off happy if I hit 7,000 steps a day and now I’m averaging over 18,000 steps a day, which is a huge part of keeping my blood sugar under control. I’ve found that while eating less is important for my weight loss efforts, it’s my daily commitment to being active that plays the biggest role to improve my health as a diabetic. Not sure if that’s true for everyone but that’s what works for me.

If you are in the United States, how did your Thanksgiving Day work out? If you’re outside the US, what are you doing to make the holidays both happy and healthy this year?


    Keep going, Denise! It’s inspiring to read about how active you’ve become. It feels good, doesn’t it? 🙂


      Hi Ginger,

      Being active really is addictive but I’ve decided not to try to fix my obsession with my morning walks because they’re so flippin’ important for my diabetes management and really, the obsessive thing is going to come up somewhere so it might as well contribute to my health & happiness instead of the opposite. You’ve always inspired me with your lifting and I often think of you as I’m suffering in Pilates Reformer class, trying to do a nightmarish (for me) upper body exercise, because I know you’d be happy to know that I’ve moved beyond my Cardio Bunny days!

      Miss you guys – give the cat a treat from me.