Workout Wednesday: August 21

My workouts this week have definitely clicked up a notch. With with a short time (actually seven weeks from this Saturday) to train before my first duathlon, there are almost no true “rest days” left on the schedule. I keep telling myself that it’s only for a little while but I’ll admit to not enjoying my workouts much last week. Actually, if I’m honest, I’m downright resentful of the workouts and am fighting to overcome resistance to what needs to be done every single day. I think it’s related to my fondness for the idea that if something is hard and I’m not good at it – hello, biking! – that I should give it up and move on to something that I can master quickly & easily. In other words, it’s a “character building opportunity”. (Bleah.)

So, what did I do?

Wednesday, August 14 – jogged 28 minutes, biked 20 minutes (17,000 steps)

Thursday, August 15 – jogged 28 minutes, biked 4 miles (17,000 steps)

Friday, August 16 – no formal workout (6,300 steps)

Saturday, August 17 – jogged 30 minutes, biked 20 minutes (16,000 steps)

Sunday, August 18 – 55 minutes Pilates class plus 6 mile bike ride (11,000 steps)

Monday, August 19 – no formal workout (8,300 steps)

Tuesday, August 20 – jogged 30 minutes, biked 22 minutes (12,500 steps)

Once I finish this post, I’ll be getting ready to head off to my first Pure Barre class. It’s supposed to be Pure Barre Lite but we shall see if I can do any of it, no matter how “lite”.

In the meantime, does anyone have ideas for how I can make myself hate the duathlon training workouts a little less? Please share tips or tricks, or anything else to do with working out in general.


    So sorry you’re having a hard time enjoying your training! Since I’ve never really trained for anything like that, I can’t imagine what it takes mentally. I’m just now getting back into exercise and having a hard time doing it. I think it’s awesome that even though you don’t like doing it, you still do it. You’re motivating me to stop whining and get busy, so, thanks!

    I wish you the best on your continued workouts and on the dualthon!


      Hi Vicki,

      I think my fear of public humiliation is outweighing my loathing of the training, to be honest. If I hadn’t told anyone that I was going to participate, I could punk out quietly without anyone knowing, but it’s all out there and there are family members planning excursions while we’re visiting them as part of traveling to the event. Gah!

      Thank you so much for your support and the kind comment!


    Good music usually works for me, but I’m not sure bikes and headphones are a good mix. I can sometimes connect with my inner 8-year old when I’m riding a bike since that’s pretty much all I did that summer — on a pink banana seat bike with tassels on the handlebars.


      I used to love riding my (pink with tassels) bike when I was a kid, too! I definitely have a better time of it when I’m outdoors with the wind in my face and I can feel the ground rolling by under the tires, but it’s tough to do that more than once a week because there are substantial hills all around my house so biking around here is a real challenge. By the time we’ve gotten dressed, gotten all of the equipment out, attached the bike rack to the car, and loaded the bikes, there’s already 45 minutes gone without my having pedaled a stroke. Perhaps I’ll have to give the hills a go one day this week, just to see how horrible it would really be?

      Thank you so much for the visit and the thought-provoking comment!