Why I’m not sleeping -OR- My life as a crazy person

I have an extra cat staying with us for a few weeks. C had Dixie-cat while she was at Davis and we couldn’t find a rescue/foster agency up there that was willing to take her so she came home with us temporarily. She’s having her “lady parts” surgery today and once she’s sufficiently recovered, she’ll hopefully go to the wonderful Helen Woodward Center to await adoption. She’s a gorgeous cat, so I’m sure she’ll find another home quickly. She and C are living behind a closed bedroom door in the meantime, a fact which adds just a little stress to the household (both human and feline).

Mick is leaving for Indianapolis this weekend. He’s a delegate to the American Legion national convention and he’ll be gone five nights. Yes, this means I’ll have the bed to myself and not come home to clothes strewn about apparently without thought, but it also means logistical considerations such as how will he get to the airport for his (6:00 am) flight and how back from his (9:00 pm) return? Also no one to take care of Alouysius the wonder pug before I get home from work. Or a Junior League committee meeting.

Speaking of Junior League committee meetings,, I have my first such of the new League year on Tuesday. I’ve christened this my “League Year of Fun” because it will most likely be my last active year before changing my status to Sustaining (the League equivalent of retirement, in essence) but leading a committee will still be quite a bit of work. Before Tuesday I need to put together seven binders with dividers for each month’s meeting and the materials for Tuesday’s meeting need to be created, duplicated, and inserted into the binders. On Tuesday – a day that I have 9:00 am to 5:00 pm mandatory training at work – I have to pick up dinner for eight (pre-ordered if I remember) before embarking on the 45 minute odyssey through rush hour traffic to arrive at the League House by 6:00 pm. Let us most fervently hope that I do not forget the two bottles of wine – one white, one red – that I won at the Junior League spring event silent auction! And, of course, I’ve got to create an agenda and post it to the JLSD website prior to the meeting.

My parents arrive bright and early Wednesday morning. (Yes, directly after my late night in San Diego at my committee meeting.) They will stay with us for three nights and I am truly looking forward to their visit. I don’t see enough of them and I love waking up to have coffee with Mummy every morning. (Daddy prefers to stay at a hotel and we’re all happy that way, so he’ll come over in time for breakfast.) This does mean, however, that C and Dixie will have to vacate their bedroom retreat so that Grandma has somewhere to sleep. (Don’t worry, they’re moving into the Office of Doom – my name for the wasteland that Mick has created in our third bedroom – but I’ll clean it over the weekend and I’m sure Dixie won’t puncture the air mattress that will be their bed for six nights.) Wait, Denise, why would they be in there for six nights? I thought you just said your parents were only staying for three???

I am not amused (2a) or Mother in law?

My mother in law has invited herself for a visit commencing as soon as my parents are out the door. (Considerate, isn’t she?) This is the hyper-critical of my housekeeping, my (lack of) cooking, my recreation options (that do not include camping unless camping means staying at the 5-star spa resort in Austin). and basically my life in general. She finds my reliance on a cleaning service to be self-indulgent and lazy. Actually, I’m pretty sure she finds ME, in general, to be self-indulgent and lazy. Of course her timing means that I’ll have to rush to change the sheets on C’s/my mom’s bed before we drive 45 minutes on a Saturday morning to get her from the airport. Yay for us!

A little glimpse into why I might be a little stressed right now. The good news for you – or maybe not? – is that I’ll probably be writing more than usual because I’ll need an escape from the mother in law’s constant harping.