Who do you think I am?

I have a picture in my head of who I am, what I stand for, and what my writing voice sounds like. (I don’t have a very good picture of what I actually look like, though, because I picture myself being a normal size, not 100 pounds overweight.) In my head, I’m passionate, a dreamer, and ambitious. I want to write well about topics that are important to me and to others like me. I have an active imagination – you may have noticed that it sometimes gets me in trouble. And I want what I do, what I say, and who I am to make a difference in the world.

Blissdom helped me see myself as I am and
as I want to be

In his wonderful e-book (which I am reading at the moment), You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One), Jeff Goins talks about the need to define your brand as a writer. He suggests that you come up with three adjectives to describe yourself and then ask readers to do the same for you. By doing this, you get a sense of whether you are making the impression that you want or if what you are presenting through your blog is not aligned properly with your own perceptions.

So I come to you today with a request: will you tell me which three adjectives you would choose to describe the way you see me through this blog? Consider the topics I choose, my word choice, whether or not I appear credible to you, and even the design and title of this blog. Also, if you’ve met me in real life, do I seem to be the same online as off?

I want to write well and I want to be authentic, so please be as brutally honest as possible. I thank you in advance for your help

  • insightful, paradoxical, dysfunctional

    I think you are very bright, but often in a self-imposed haze of denial as to how to get beyond your rather serious health and food issues. You writing is very good, and I always enjoy your entries.

  • insightful, stylish, impulsive

  • http://agategoddess.blogspot.com

    Insightful, brave and humorous are the first three that pop in to my head.