Today I am sad OR how to deal with your emotions when you can’t eat them away

“My health is more important than a bean and cheese burrito.”

“I’m sad but it will pass and I don’t need to eat something to make that happen.”

These are the new messages I’m chanting over and over inside my head, trying to drown out the old, established favorites, like:

“Did someone make you feel bad? Here, have a piece of cheese.”

“I feel like crap. I need Mexican food, stat.”

“I’m not strong enough to handle this by myself, so I’ll turn to my favorite friend, food.”

my favorite chimichanga burrito

What I’m learning is that, much like my time on the treadmill each morning is building my physical strength, I need to build my emotional muscles, too. I feel sad and am tired, so I’m having a cup of tea and then I’m going home for a nap before dinner.

Are you one of the lucky ones who never even associates sadness or anger with a binge of epic proportions? If so, can you share: how do you handle feeling sad or angry without using food?