Three things I’m thankful for this week: February 13

  • Sunshine. I know it’s really awful for so many people across not just this country but in other parts of the world, too, so I’m so grateful for the gorgeous weather we’re having right now in southern California. (If I could bundle some of it up to send to all of you, I would, truly.)
  • My parents are visiting for the weekend. Mummy and Daddy arrive tomorrow/Friday afternoon for a short stay and I’m so looking forward to it. Our itinerary includes the Little Italy Farmers Market, a walk along the Embarcadero, Skypeing with friends in England, and Afternoon Tea.  So much to look forward to!
  • Vacation planning. TCB surprised me last week with the news that we’ve come into a little unexpected money and we’re going to spend it on a short/lovely stay at the Lake Austin Spa Resort in May. Words cannot convey how thrilled I am that not only will I be spending five days in one of my favorite spots on Earth but that TCB will be with me. Yay!!!
yes, they really DO have yoga classes next to the lake!
yes, they really DO have yoga classes next to the lake!


What are you grateful for this week?