Three things I’m grateful for this week: March 6

  • San Diego finally got some desperately-needed rain. Yes, we did get about a quarter of what we ought to get for a whole year in one very soggy weekend and yes, lots of areas flooded badly, but I was beginning to despair of ever seeing rain without going on vacation again. Also, it restores my hope that further precipitation could still happen here before the end of our rainy – ha, what a misnomer! – season.
  • Work is getting slightly less hectic. Yes, it’s still tax season and things get crazed several times a week right up until the filing deadlines but our number of weekly releases will finally start decreasing drastically with this week’s schedule and it can’t come soon enough for everyone on the team. (Working without a complete weekend off from Halloween until well into March every year is tiring.)
  • I attended the Women Get Social conference this weekend in San Diego. While I was there, I learned a few cool things from the scheduled content but even more from the three smart women I was privileged to spend most of my time with for two days – thank you, ladies!
Three fabulous bloggers (and one very fortunate one)!
Three fabulous bloggers (and one very fortunate one)!

Your turn: what are YOU grateful for this week?

8 thoughts on “Three things I’m grateful for this week: March 6”

    1. Hi Tamara,

      I loved our time together, too, even with the truly craptacular weather we had (especially for San Diego). We should meet up in the Bay Area over the summer and see if Susan can come and play as well! Weather will be nice, you can’t beat the location, and it’s easy to get to from nearly anywhere. What do you think?

      Take care and thank you so much for the visit and comment!

  1. Thank you for being the best blog conference roomie and introducing me to Noodles & Company. Glad to hear that the crazy tax season schedule is winding down. I guess that means I should do my taxes….

    1. Hi Kay Lynn,

      Rooming with you and spending time together with Tamara and Carla was definitely the best part of the conference for me. Well, that and our visit to Noodles & Company! I’m looking forward to FitBloggin even more now and am even thinking about trying to fit BlogHer in, too – if I’m going to order business cards, might as well have somewhere to hand them out, right?

      Should we switch to a different WW time so that you can stay for the meeting and we can gab afterwards? Let me know if a later time on Saturday works better, or maybe the Thursday night meeting (also with Marie)?

      xo Denise

      p.s. I’m going to start our taxes next week during my spring break from school, so if you want to meet up and work on them together, I’m totally game for that. I have three ferociously awesome tax experts on speed dial on my iPhone so there’s nothing too tough for them!

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