Three reasons I’m grateful this week (November 7)

  • My fabulous manager, Lisa. Not only does she go for walks with me every afternoon and bring in fresh fruit for the bowl in our work area, she always asks, “What more can I be doing to help?”. She takes fantastic care of the team while I manage the products and everyone seems very happy.
  • Sunday morning Pilates Reformer class. While I’m not able to run for a few months, this class is going to save my sanity. I am clumsy and have never been much for strength training, both because my upper body and core are pathetically weak (due to lack of use) and because I always feel so lame in the weight room. Pilates Reformer class gives me a great strength training workout for all of my muscle groups and particularly my core area, but it actually makes me feel coordinated and graceful, too. At work, we call that a win-win situation.
Pilates reformer
Pilates reformer by simple pretty via flickr
  • My mum. She’s slowed down quite a bit in the last few years but she’s still got more energy than a lot of women I know who are my age and younger. We chat by phone nearly every morning as I drive into work – I have a 8:00 am conference call twice a week with our Engineering team in Bangalore, so no chat with Mummy on Tuesday and Thursday. Even as a 46 year old woman, it’s still really nice to chat with the one person in the world who has always thought of me as special.

What are you grateful for this week?