Three reasons I’m grateful this week (November 21)

  • My iPad. Being able to instantly download and start reading a book or other reference material that relates to a topic I’m interested in makes me so happy. For instance, I just downloaded 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food (Amazon affiliate link) by Dr. Susan Albers to help me deal with my before bed binge eating problems and it’s already paying off with better mindfulness. (No binge eating before bed last night – huzzah!)
  • New running shoes. No, I’m not running at this point but you should never walk for health and fitness purposes in walking shoes because they are not built for that kind of mileage. I splurge on good running shoes even when I’m walking because foot pain, shin splints, hip pain, etc, are all no fun!
  • Morning conversations with my mother. I don’t know if it’s an enhanced sense of my own mortality (and hers) that has kicked in, or what the precise cause might be, but I appreciate just chatting with Mummy so much more these days. It’s not that we have terribly meaningful conversations, it’s just the feeling of well-being when I hear her voice and listen to her point of view about whatever we’re discussing that makes me feel that everything is right in the world for a brief, wonderful moment.

What are you grateful for this week?


    Great things to appreciate. I wish I appreciated the time I had with mom more while I had her. Fortunately, we did vacation together every year and talk often.


      Hi Kay Lynn,

      Mummy and I took a vacation together in 2000 – three weeks in the UK – and it was fabulous. I love being able to talk to her every morning, not for any special reason but just because I can.

      Safe travels this week!