Three reasons I’m grateful this week (November 14)

  • My Pug and his squishy, little face. Seriously, who could possibly sustain a bad mood after looking at this face?

    Alouysius T. Pug
    Alouysius T. Pug
  • Having a fitblogging buddy in San Diego! Seeing Kay Lynn on Saturday mornings is a nice reminder of the whole community of bloggers who struggle with the same challenges I do and it makes the journey feel just a little bit easier. (Also, Kay Lynn is just an outstanding individual and I love her to bits!)
  • Cold, crisp morning walks. Yes, I moan a lot (in my head mostly) when I start off and my nose is cold, but there’s just something about trudging along in the cold that makes me feel very creative and alive. Does anyone else feel that same way, or am I just a freak of nature???

What are you grateful for this week?

4 thoughts on “Three reasons I’m grateful this week (November 14)”

  1. I know it’s sugarysweeeeet but just for being here.
    Im focusing on GRATITUDE for life and for the GIFT of routine I could easily slip into taking for granted till it’s gone.

    1. Hi Carla,

      I agree with you completely: life – just the mundane, ordinary, everyday – is so amazing and we are both blessed with hearts full of happiness and lives full of friendship & love. What more could a person really ever need???

      Thanks for dropping by and for contributing to my “attitude of gratitude”!


  2. I’m so happy to have you as my local fitbloggin’ buddy. Reading other blogs help but connecting (and working out) in person is very motivating.

    P.S. Your pug’s face is adorable!

    1. Hi Kay Lynn,

      I was always so envious of the Fitbloggin people who had a community of bloggers they hung out with at home because I never thought I’d meet someone from San Diego who was a healthy lifestyle blogger, too. Not only are you that, but you live less than five miles from me – so cool!

      Thanks for dropping by.


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