Three reasons I’m grateful this week (December 5)

  • Baggy britches. I was complaining to co-workers yesterday while we walked about how frustrated I’m getting with the last few days of the #ShopWhatYouGot challenge because all three pairs of pants plus one sweater and two of the tee shirts are too big for me now and it’s making it tough to figure out what to wear every day. It honestly wasn’t until my manager mentioned that she’d be grateful to have that problem that it occurred to me that even though the scale isn’t moving (I lost one pound in the whole month of November), I’m getting smaller and that is something to celebrate even if it creates wardrobe issues. [Note that the official challenge ended last Saturday with the last day of November, but I pledged to add a day for every Gwynnie Bee¬†wardrobe item I wore during the challenge, so I’m going through tomorrow/Friday, December 6, to make up for the six Gwynnie pieces I wore in November.]
  • My mum is coming for a visit! Mummy & Daddy weren’t able to come for Thanksgiving at our house as originally planned because Mummy hurt her knee a few days before, but we’re going to meet them for lunch halfway between our houses on December 21st and Mummy will come home with us. It’s a pretty brief visit because she’s got to go home on the train the afternoon of the 23rd, but it will be lovely to have a few days to spend with her.
  • Cold, crisp morning walks. The privilege of having a safe, lovely neighborhood to walk in every day is something I usually take for granted, but not today. There are so many people around the world who don’t have safety and security in their own homes, much less their greater neighborhood, and I do. I also have a lovely – messy, cluttered, and sometimes dirty, but still lovely – warm home to return to when I’m done with my walk. I am so, so, SO very blessed!

What are you grateful for this week?