Three reasons I’m grateful this week (December 19)

  • My warm, safe, comfortable house. After a long (and many times stressful) day at work, nothing in the whole world feels better than to close the garage door behind me, walk through the door into my kitchen, and be accosted by my adorable Pug.
  • A pair of jeans that fit. I found three pairs of jeans that fit me back in September and was so excited. I carry most of my weight in my stomach – still! – and jeans just don’t work for me because anything that fits around my abdomen is like clown pants at my hips and thighs. I haven’t had a pair of jeans since 2005 as a result. After losing about 60 pounds, I decided to see if I could wear jeans again and was super-excited to find them. Then I lost 15 more pounds and now they fall off of me if I don’t wear a belt, so they went to the thrift store last week. With all of the holiday madness shopping deals right now, I went back in search of a new pair that fits properly and, after two misfires, I’ve got one pair that’s as good as it gets for me in jeans. (I’ll need to have about 1-1/2 inches taken in at the hips and thighs of both legs but that’s do-able at the price I paid for the jeans on sale.) I am unreasonably happy about this.
  • Being able to rent a couture gown [not an affiliate link] for my company holiday party. I felt like a princess, people kept stopping me to compliment the dress, and I spent less than I usually do when I buy a dress that I’ll only wear once for that event every year. They introduced plus sizes this year and I booked my dress as soon as I heard, which I’m oh-so-glad I did. I highly recommend this if you’ve got a yearly formal event to attend!
what a handsome husband I have - don't you love the bowtie???
what a handsome husband I have – don’t you love the bowtie???

Honorable mention gratitude goes to my husband, for learning how to tie the bow tie that I bought because it was “holiday festive”. Isn’t he a great guy?

What are you grateful for this week?




      Thanks, Emmie – I really did feel like Beyonce or JHud or some other glamor girl. Never underestimate the power of a sparkly dress!


  • Wow – you look beautiful! You are an inspiration!


      Thank you, Leslie, for the kind comment and for all your years of reading and support – it means so much to me!