Three reasons I’m grateful this week (December 12)

  • My husband. He’s so supportive of me in general, puts up with my random, hour-long trips to the gym at 5:00 pm on a weekend when I haven’t moved all day, and he buys subscriptions for Broadway San Diego & the Old Globe theaters so that we can see a play together at least once a month. We just saw Million Dollar Quartet last Saturday and we’ll be going to How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the end of the month!
  • Pilates Reformer classes. I’ve never had a toned abdominal area – not even when I weighed 115 pounds in high school! – but underneath the pile of loose skin and a tenacious layer of fat (upper abdominals only now), there is muscle. And there are indentations in the skin/fat layers, too. I just noticed those this morning and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I cried with joy when I realized what they were.
  • Touchscreen compatible gloves. It’s been cold here in San Diego for a while now. I know it’s not the kind of cold the rest of you consider cold but it’s cold for us. And then this week it’s been cold by any measure you choose: in the 30s at night and not even reaching 60 during the day. My morning walks have therefore greatly been enhanced by the addition of these gloves and our evening walks to dinner by these. [Not affiliate links, just wanted to show the specific products I’m using in case anyone else is looking for hand warming options that won’t make you put down the iPhone.]

What are you grateful for this week?