Diabetes and exercise: A powerful combination

The biggest factor for me in taking control of my Type 2 diabetes has been making moderate physical exercise – primarily walking – a part of my daily life. While changing what I eat has certainly helped that effort along – it takes less effort for my body to burn off smaller amounts of food than it did when I used to binge eat with every meal – it’s the regular exercise that has made the biggest difference. Alongside eating less, getting exercise in daily makes it easier for my body to metabolize food without boosting my blood glucose levels in response.

This video describes an annual public service campaign aimed at increasing both blood glucose testing and short amounts of daily activity for diabetics of all kinds, including Type 2. Next month, November, is National Diabetes Month and diabetics of all kinds, from all around the world will participate in the Big Blue Test to prove – to themselves, their followers, and the folks who love them.

If you or a loved one are diabetic, please see this link for more information about how you can take part.

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    I think exercise along with lower weight is what’s brought my A1C down to a normal level (with meds still but hopefully not forever).

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    LOVE your post and that you are helping other diabetics! You’re amazing, keep up the good work!!

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      Hi Kirtley,

      Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment! There is a lot of confusing information – both on- and offline – for newly diagnosed diabetics, so I feel good about sharing what I’ve learned (through trial and error, for the most part) over 18 years since my diagnosis. If even one diabetic is saved from the misery of complications from the disease then it will have been worth it.


  • Hey Denise you still out there? You don’t usually go this long without posting?