Self revelatory

“I’ve had a revelation,” I leaned over to tell Shauna. “Go on then,” she said in her supportive way. “I don’t want to be overweight any more,” I said calmly. “Not in a crazy or self-hating sort of way, I just think I’m finished with the unhealthy food. And maybe I’ll move around a little bit, too.”

Find a better way – ANY way!

I have no delusions that it will be that easy and that the weight will magically fall off – although wouldn’t it be nice if it did? – it’s more of a quiet but determined feeling deep inside that the time of abusing my body with crappy food, burying my feelings with inappropriate eating, and just generally sitting on the sidelines of life while the world passes me by because my body is so stiff and sore from lack of use needs to be behind me.

I’m not banging the drum here, people, just hoping to live into my fifties.

  • Cool! I think quiet determination is under-rated — it doesn’t make a good headline, you know? But it works!


      I think quiet determination might be the only thing that works. I’ve tried making a Big Production out of things in the past and the smash up at the end is never quite as fun as the fanfare at the beginning, so why not just give it a go, eh?


    That is EXACTLY the same revelation I had. I was just done being fat. And a little exercise never hurt anyone 🙂


      Hi Elizabeth,

      It sounds so simple, doesn’t it: decide you don’t want to be fat and things should start to happen. It didn’t work out that way for me, but I’m pretty sure that those thoughts were at the back of my mind when things DID start happening earlier this year. There was certainly no big production, no proclamations of undying fealty to this plan or that. I just started tracking what I ate, and I exercised. Then I got up and did those same things again the next day. Not glamorous, but – so far! – highly effective.

      Thanks for the visit and the great comment!