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Diabetes & Depression: All in your head

It’s estimated that as many as 30% of diabetics also suffer from clinical depression. While the “which came first”/”which causes which” argument hasn’t been settled at this point, it’s clear that treatment and care plans for diabetes should make provision … Continue reading

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Depression: It’s sneaky

Sometimes I forget. I can go weeks or even months without experiencing a hint of depression. During those periods I sometimes allow myself to believe that it’s gone for good and that I’m “normal” again, whatever that means. And then … Continue reading

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Five principles of effective diabetes self management

People sometimes stop me during the day – at work, mostly – to ask what my “secret” is. I used to get embarrassed by the question but now I realize that folks are looking for a blueprint to create their … Continue reading

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The Future

When I started to blog, close to 12 years ago, my life was very different. Even in the last year, things have changed a lot for me, in so many lovely ways. The need to lose weight is no longer … Continue reading

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Helpful Resources

Help With Type Two Diabetes Blogs FoodFoodBodyBody – My dear friend, Susan, who is a fabulous mother, daughter, writer, triathlete, and type two diabetic Type 2 Diabetes: A Personal Journey – Alan shares his experiences as a Person With Diabetes … Continue reading

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Project: Happy/Healthy Me 2014: January/February review and goals for March

My goals for January were: Re-do the ‘running a 5K course’ that I started (then stopped) last year – Although I’d just finished Week 3 (of 8) when I published my January goals, I hit another brick wall at the … Continue reading

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High Five Friday: A happy reminder about why I do what I do

I went to see my Primary Care Physician – as opposed to my Endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) – recently, because I am losing my hair. (Definitely NOT celebrating that development.) After congratulating me on my weight loss and explaining that it … Continue reading

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Three things I’m grateful for this week: February 6

A lessening of my anger and anxiety. I’ve spoken here before about my mental health issues and I need to write a longer post to deal with it more fully but suffice it to say that the past few weeks have … Continue reading

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Project Me: December and 2013 reviewed

My only goal for December was to make an appointment with my therapist to deal with my anxiety and the binge eating, binge shopping, and horrible obsessive/compulsive behaviors that accompany it. I saw my therapist at the beginning of December … Continue reading

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Workout Wednesday: October 23

My body keeps teaching me lessons in patience – patience and letting go. I have major control issues and they seem to be flaring up more than usual lately, contributing to a feeling that things should be moving faster than … Continue reading

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