Project Me: September review and (belated) goals for October

My goals for September were:

  1. Put nothing in my mouth that has calories after 7:00 pm unless it’s fruit – I definitely did better with this area in September than I had in the previous few, but I’ve now discovered Jovial Crispy Cocoa cookies which are much better than other things I could be eating but are still over 100 calories and 17 grams of carbohydrate just before bed. This needs further focus!
  2. Wear my heart rate monitor for all workouts – did really well with this one and it’s accomplished what I’d hoped: I’m far more aware of how intense – or not – my workouts are. It’s not that every workout has to be in the top end of my high intensity zone or anything like that, just that I should have my heart rate over 115 for as much of my workout as possible. When I notice that my heart rate is a little low, I add some resistance to the stationary bike or quicken my pace if I’m walking outside (the two most likely times for lower heart rate) so that I pick it up just a bit.
  3. Do not buy anything unless absolutely necessary – did not do well with this one at all. Yes, there were a few times that I really, really wanted something and didn’t buy it because it was one of my goals for Project Me, but there were far more when I said to myself, “Yes, but it’s a really amazing sale and we need those gorgeous JCrew shoes!” (FYI, no one actually needs JCrew shoes, no matter how gorgeously gold and amazingly comfortable they are. I do love them, though, and I get so many compliments. Even my mom noticed and complimented them when we went to lunch yesterday. It’s possible I haven’t quite made the right mental connection to why this goal is important to me and to my long-term better health.)
  4. Focus on gratitude – I don’t think I wrote in my journal once the whole month of September. I keep meaning to and then I don’t. I think about things I want to write all day long and especially as I walk, run, or ride my bike outdoors. (I don’t think about anything when I’m riding a stationary bike other than “how much longer do I have to do this?” or “I love The Newsroom so much that it’s ridiculous and I don’t mind doing this a while longer if it means I can watch another episode”.)

My goals for 2013 have been published and they include:

  • fasting blood sugar reading below 130 mg/dL – already achieved, need to maintain
  • triglycerides reading less than 150 mg/dL – already achieved, need to maintain
  • body weight at or below 169 pounds (putting me into the Overweight category on BMI scale) – 35 13 more pounds in six three months
  • waist measurement of not more than 39 inches – 5-1/2 2-1/2 more inches in six three months (side note: wow, I lost 2-1/2 inches from my waist since August 1 – must have done something right!)
  • an improved quality of life as perceived by me – well on my way to achieving this!

So, do I want to work on for October?

  1. Stop spending so much time reading other blogs, shopping, and being a social media fan girl and actually start writing here more often – we established in my September wrap-up (above) that I didn’t write in my physical journal at all last month but hey, isn’t that why I have this space here? Was the original intent of my blogging not so that I could use writing to sort through my feelings? Not doing much of that lately, am I? Let’s see if I can do better.
  2. Continue working on eating after 7:00 pm – it’s not good for my morning blood sugar readings (not that they’re bad, but they’re not as good after I’ve eaten late the night before) and it’s not needed. I’m eating to relax before bed or as a reward for my righteously good behavior during the day, neither of which is a good thing, so let’s see what we can do instead to relax and reward good choices without sugar.
  3. Get my flu shot and figure out what I need to do to get a pneumonia shot – as a diabetic, even a well-controlled diabetic, it’s dangerous for me to get sick because my body will have a tougher time fighting infections than it would if I did not have this disease. Accordingly, my doctor tells me every year to get vaccinated against flu and pneumonia, and every year I tell her that I will and then never follow through. That sort of thinking doesn’t seem consistent with the healthy, happier lifestyle I’m working on, so I’m going to do something different this year and do these simple things that are so important for my health.
  4. Re-jigger my schedule so that I can fit a weekly strength training session in AND go for an outdoor bike ride – the problem here is that I am not able to ride my bike (or do much of anything physically) after Pilates Reformer classes. I adore my Sunday morning Pilates pain-fest, I really do, and I know it was building my body’s strength tremendously, but I need to be able to ride outdoors and with Mick usually working on Saturday mornings, that usually means a Sunday ride. Maybe I’ll just start riding by myself on Saturday mornings? I don’t know, but I have to come up with something, and I will.

Talk to me, folks: what are your goals for this month?


    FYI, here in Texas, Walgreens gives the flu vaccination, pnewmonia vaccination and the shingles vaccination. It did not cost me anything since I had insurance and my husband and I were out in about 15 minutes. Worth checking into!


      I’ll have to check into that – thank you for letting me know!