Project Happy/Healthy Me: June Review and Goals for July/August

My goals for June (and half of July) were:

  1. Work back up to run/walk workouts three times a week – Done. I’m jogging 3/5 of a 5K three times a week and it isn’t totally awful most of the time. We’ll call that a win!
  2. Continue to concentrate on clearing out one quarter of the garage, by myself, for 30 minutes per week – Umm, not much was accomplished on this one but then I never added the Google calendar reminder, either. (Let me take care of that right now.)
  3. Put myself on a clothing, shoes, and accessory spending freeze for the entire month of June. I did fairly well with this one, surprisingly, with only one small purchase – $15 shorts from Target when I realized that the shorts I’d already bought months earlier for my trip to Raleigh/Wilmington/Charleston/Savannah were now falling off of my hips – for the whole month. I’m now halfway through July and I’ve been trying to keep with it – only one dress from J. Crew (originally over $100, I got for $25), a souvenir tee shirt from our visit to Seattle (marked down from $80 to $25), and tops and shorts for yoga (used gift cards and rewards points).

Looking forward, my goals for 2014 have been published and they include:

  • Achieve a healthy Body Mass Index by weighing 140 or fewer pounds,
  • A waist circumference measurement of 30 inches or less,
  • Body fat between 23 and 33% (done – body fat is hovering around 26%)
  • Complete a 10K event in 75 minutes or less,
  • Park both cars in our garage at the same time

What I’ll work on for the remainder of July and the entire month of August:

  1. Take one yoga class each week. My hip flexors and hamstrings are SO tight and it’s affecting my running, Pilates, and overall happiness; hopefully yoga can help.
  2. Work in the garage for 60 minutes at a time, at least twice in the next six weeks. – I’ve put the reminders on the calendar, now let’s see how I follow through.
  3. Put myself on a modified sugar detox. All of the vacations we’ve taken recently have been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed the heck out of all of them, eating very well but not necessarily wisely. Nothing to worry about in the long term, I just need to get back to basics for a little while and focus on whole foods with as little added sugar as possible.

OK, your turn: what small things are you going to work on for the next 46 days to make your life happier and/or healthier?

  • Hmmm, it appears that you’re the only one with ambition this time around! OK, maybe not entirely true. In August we will paint 3 exterior doors and scrape/paint the trim around the front door. And we’ll schedule an appointment with our financial advisor to formalize our plan for retirement spending (we’re fortunate enough to have assets from which we’ll draw); this has become one of those “hair fanged tasks” I’ve mentioned before. And use the canoe at least 1, maybe 2 times. Oh, and figure out why one heel is sore after I ran every day for a week (only ~2 miles each time) – because I was working on resuming 3-4 mile runs, grrr, so annoying to have to back down on this!


    I’m going to focus on getting my activity in 5 days a week for the rest of the summer. That’s what usually goes first with me.

  • I cleaned out a very stacked garage, several summers ago, by taking care of ten things out of it every day. “Taking care” meant re-homing, good willing, recycling, pitching, keeping it but putting it in proper place. Ten things was surprisingly fast, every day. I did not pile the re-home and goodwill stuff, but instead put in my car and took care of it the next time I was out/about.


      Hi Vickie,

      That sounds like a sensible approach and more actionable than what I’ve been trying to do – I might just give that a try for the next seven days and see how we go.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the great suggestion!