Project Charter available for review

I’ve published the Project Charter for Project Me, in case you’re interested in reading it. This is the foundational document that authorizes any project and it sets up what is to be done, why, and how the project will lead to the desired effect. I put a lot of thought into what I want to achieve in 2013 and what is reasonable for me to do in the next twelve months, so I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts and if you think I ought to add anything else.

At work we use the Agile method of working on a project, and I’ll do the same here. All of the work to be done on a project is defined and broken down into pre-defined periods of time called “sprints”. We’re doing one week sprints at work right now because we have so many changes in priority and availability of required materials (tax forms) is unpredictable, but I think I’ll start with two week sprints for Project Me because I don’t want to be tempted to change course based on a single (weekly) weigh in.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my two-week sprint backlog – that’s the detailed list of work to be completed and what the success criteria is for each – as well as pictures of my weigh in tonight.

  • wow!

  • There’s a saying “May you go from strength to strength.” Kudos to you for putting your organizational and management talents at the service of this area of your life. So often we compartmentalize into little pieces of ourselves – “work Denise” “wife Denise” “leisure Denise”. Sometimes that’s necessary to stay sane in an oh, so crowded and busy world, but I think it comes at a cost – we sacrifice bits of ourselves by labeling them as belonging “there” and not “here.” Cheers to your journey in 2013 – may you discover and claim a wholeness to your being and a sustained joy in your life. I’ll be rooting for you!


    I love this idea, Denise. I write project plans and missions statements for my personal life all the time. Good luck!


    Fab idea Denise… pompoms poised to cheer you on!!!