High Five Friday: Finding perfect fitting jeans


I've mentioned before that finding jeans - or non-legging pants in general - that fit my body is difficult. With a stomach that is disproportionately large compared to my hips, rear, and thighs, I always end up with a look that would make MC Hammer from the 1990s proud. Sometimes it's close enough to fitting that I can take it to my tailor to have the hips, … [Continue reading...]

Three things I’m grateful for this week: January 16

pink hat, blue shirt, white running skirt and nothing but sunshine for this morning's run

A fabulously supportive husband. If there's ever anything I need - truly need, not just want! - for my health, for my happiness, for the house, or whatever, he's the first one to step up and make it happen. This week's examples include buying tickets for us to see Beauty and the Beast at our local civic theater plus supporting me as I start classes at our … [Continue reading...]

Project Me 2014

Patience by AuthenticAng11 via Flickr

"I don’t recognize myself when I look in the mirror. Puffy face with wrinkles that weren’t there this time last year. A sad, resignation behind my eyes that belies the smiles I paste on my face for public consumption. My lower back, hips, and hamstrings hurt nearly every day now – when I lie too long on one side, when I get in and out of Minnie (my Mini … [Continue reading...]

Project Me: December and 2013 reviewed

This is the face of a happy, healthy woman!

My only goal for December was to make an appointment with my therapist to deal with my anxiety and the binge eating, binge shopping, and horrible obsessive/compulsive behaviors that accompany it. I saw my therapist at the beginning of December and just talking to her made things inside my head a lot more calm. She asked me to keep track of my moods, … [Continue reading...]

Three reasons I’m grateful this week (December 26)

who knew being Overweight could make me so happy???

No warm weather clothes that fit. (I know that sounds crazy, but stick with me here for a second.) The weather in San Diego has changed drastically in the last two days - from cold and blustery to nearly 80 degrees during the day. It's been cold for such a long time that the clothes I wore when it was last warm hang off of my body  now, especially in the … [Continue reading...]

High Five Friday: Taking time to work on my mental health


I mentioned in my Project Me post this month that I am experiencing greater-than-usual levels of anxiety at the moment and have been turning to late-night, secret (not from you, obviously) binge eating to cope. I know where eating food hurriedly and in secret leads and I'm not interested in going there, so I decided to make an appointment with my therapist … [Continue reading...]

Three reasons I’m grateful this week (December 19)

what a handsome husband I have - don't you love the bowtie???

My warm, safe, comfortable house. After a long (and many times stressful) day at work, nothing in the whole world feels better than to close the garage door behind me, walk through the door into my kitchen, and be accosted by my adorable Pug. A pair of jeans that fit. I found three pairs of jeans that fit me back in September and was so excited. I carry … [Continue reading...]

Three reasons I’m grateful this week (December 12)

My husband. He's so supportive of me in general, puts up with my random, hour-long trips to the gym at 5:00 pm on a weekend when I haven't moved all day, and he buys subscriptions for Broadway San Diego & the Old Globe theaters so that we can see a play together at least once a month. We just saw Million Dollar Quartet last Saturday and we'll be going to … [Continue reading...]

Workout Wednesday: December 11

My newest exercise obsession is mall walking. TCB and I head to one of our many large, local shopping malls after breakfast on Sunday and walk at least one lap of every square inch. We sometimes stop at stores that catch our eye and sometimes not. (We usually do, especially this time of year.) It makes a really nice change from solitary power walking and is … [Continue reading...]

Project Me: October & November review and my goals for the remainder of 2013

[I somehow did not do a check-in for October nor set any goals for November. Can't fix that now, so we'll just review how I've done with my goals from October before moving on to goals for December.] My goals for October were: Stop spending so much time reading other blogs, shopping, and being a social media fan girl and actually start writing here … [Continue reading...]