High Five Friday: Sharing Project Me With the World


A few months ago, I was approached by a writer for Sanofi USA's diabetes blog, Discussing Diabetes, to share the story of Project Me with their readers. I still don't know how they found out about my little health-improvement plan but to say that I was excited about the prospect would be an understatement. I spent an hour at lunch time chatting with a couple … [Continue reading...]

Three things I’m grateful for this week: February 20

An understanding husband. TCB puts up with my craziness, my mom's craziness, and the craziness of my job at this time of year and he's usually pretty even keeled about it. A job that I enjoy, serving customers that I admire, with colleagues that I love. Some days are better than others but no matter what happens, I still wouldn't trade this team, our … [Continue reading...]

High Five Friday: A happy reminder about why I do what I do


I went to see my Primary Care Physician - as opposed to my Endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) - recently, because I am losing my hair. (Definitely NOT celebrating that development.) After congratulating me on my weight loss and explaining that it was probably the cause of my hair loss, the doctor ordered a comprehensive metabolic panel and lipid panel - blood … [Continue reading...]

Three things I’m thankful for this week: February 13

yes, they really DO have yoga classes next to the lake!

Sunshine. I know it's really awful for so many people across not just this country but in other parts of the world, too, so I'm so grateful for the gorgeous weather we're having right now in southern California. (If I could bundle some of it up to send to all of you, I would, truly.) My parents are visiting for the weekend. Mummy and Daddy arrive … [Continue reading...]

Three things I’m grateful for this week: February 6

not pretty, but it - and I - works

A lessening of my anger and anxiety. I've spoken here before about my mental health issues and I need to write a longer post to deal with it more fully but suffice it to say that the past few weeks have been very bad and it's starting to get better. Comfortable clothes. I might look like a lumberjack today but I'm warm and cozy and I didn't have to use any … [Continue reading...]

Project Me 2014: Goals for January

this is so embarrassing!

My goals for 2014 have been published and they include: Achieve a healthy Body Mass Index by weighing 140 or fewer pounds, A waist circumference measurement of 30 inches or less, Body fat between 23 and 33%, Complete a 10K event in 75 minutes or less, Park both cars in our garage at the same time So, will I work on for the next 16 … [Continue reading...]

High Five Friday: Finding perfect fitting jeans


I've mentioned before that finding jeans - or non-legging pants in general - that fit my body is difficult. With a stomach that is disproportionately large compared to my hips, rear, and thighs, I always end up with a look that would make MC Hammer from the 1990s proud. Sometimes it's close enough to fitting that I can take it to my tailor to have the hips, … [Continue reading...]

Three things I’m grateful for this week: January 16

pink hat, blue shirt, white running skirt and nothing but sunshine for this morning's run

A fabulously supportive husband. If there's ever anything I need - truly need, not just want! - for my health, for my happiness, for the house, or whatever, he's the first one to step up and make it happen. This week's examples include buying tickets for us to see Beauty and the Beast at our local civic theater plus supporting me as I start classes at our … [Continue reading...]

Project Me 2014

Patience by AuthenticAng11 via Flickr

"I don’t recognize myself when I look in the mirror. Puffy face with wrinkles that weren’t there this time last year. A sad, resignation behind my eyes that belies the smiles I paste on my face for public consumption. My lower back, hips, and hamstrings hurt nearly every day now – when I lie too long on one side, when I get in and out of Minnie (my Mini … [Continue reading...]

Project Me: December and 2013 reviewed

This is the face of a happy, healthy woman!

My only goal for December was to make an appointment with my therapist to deal with my anxiety and the binge eating, binge shopping, and horrible obsessive/compulsive behaviors that accompany it. I saw my therapist at the beginning of December and just talking to her made things inside my head a lot more calm. She asked me to keep track of my moods, … [Continue reading...]