One thing leads to another

We’ve all heard the saying before – one thing leads to another – and I’m seeing evidence of its truth in my own life.

Six weeks ago I was tired and uninspired. I had lost a key opportunity with the Junior League because I didn’t receive enough votes from the membership, and that made me feel old and unappreciated. My plan was to either apply for sustainer status (kind of like going into retirement) or quit entirely. My blog shamed me every day by my lack of posting and lack of any desire to do something about it. Then came Blissdom and new friends, new ideas, and a new confidence in myself that I barely recognize.

Now I want to post, want to write. I feel that tingle at the base of my brain that says, “go, create something.” I love taking photos with my new camera and I feel like a photographer instead of just someone who messes around with my camera.


I have wanted to move my blog to its own URL forever but never got around to it until some anonymous Internet company had already taken and that made me very, very sad. Then, last week, Mick came to me with a huge smile on his.face and told me he’d bought my URL for me for our anniversary, and I knew it was time to make the change.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anaïs Nin

I will always love my original blog because it was where I remembered the joy of writing again, but i want the ability to expand and do different things – maybe not now, but one day – and this framework will make that easier. So I hope that friends who have been reading me for a few (or more) years will come and visit, and I hope that a few new people might find me and stay awhile, too.

So, what do you think of the new digs? Suggestions for improvement are gratefully accepted so send a comment if you think of something I can do better.

  • hooray! Go Denise!!!!


    Oooooooooooh it’s gorgeous! Congrats on the big move 🙂


    Congrats! My husband was diagnosed 2 days ago with diabetes. he is determined to treat it with diet and exercise, and while I am glad he is taking steps I’ve longed ot see him take, I’m also very sacred for him. So I will now be following your posts on your journey with diabetes with extra attention! And thank you for writing about it – you are helping people other than yourself in the process.

  • Congratulations on the move and what a sweet husband you have! Love the new site.

  • Glad I could be the first to welcome to your new online digs! Blog on!