Is this all there is?

I’m not even going to apologize for not having written in what feels like forever, I’m just going to write about my life. If that’s not OK, you might want to surf along.

I’ll be honest with you: I’m fed up. I’ve thought and thought about what to do with this blog – I’ve even had my finger hovering over the “Delete” key more than a few times – and I was still ruminating on that topic when Shauna and I went to dinner tonight.

[Did I mention Shauna and I have just begun Blogger Road Trip 2012? Oh yes! The two of us are going to spend several days tootling around North Carolina visiting some of our favorite old school bloggers and seeing interesting sights.]

So I was chatting at dinner with Shauna and mentioned my blog dilemma for which she had the perfect solution: just write something. Really? Could it be that simple? Could blogging be something that I get back into the habit of doing and then it stops being such a chore?


I think we need to run a little experiment and what better time than while I’m away from home for a week and attending a blog conference Friday through Sunday to see what it’s like to write something here every day. So that’s what I’m going to do – every day this week I’ll come and write about what I’ve done, without trying to sound like someone else or write in a certain style, just me and my thoughts.



    Where is this picture from? Is this Raleigh?