I love: Furbish Studio

In preparation for my recent Blogger Road Trip with Shauna, I did some research on – read: got a little obsessed with – fun places for us to go and see while we were in Raleigh. One of the places I found was Furbish Studio, a great furniture, accessory, lifestyle shop in a semi-industrial neighborhood in Raleigh. I signed up for email notifications from the owner’s blog and that was the beginning of my magnificent obsession. My visit to the store marked one of the high points of my visit for me even though I was unable to figure out how to fit any of the gorgeous settees or club chairs into my carry on bags for the trip home.

Furbish Studio giveaway on I suwannee blog

Today, I suwannee blog is hosting a great giveaway that is sure to become my latest obsession. What will the winner receive? A set of mr. and mrs. holiday cocktail glasses, a golden donkey ornament, a set of holiday cards, a box of ikat napkins, and a glittered chevron ornament. I want all of it, of course, but I have to admit that it’s the holiday cards that made me really sit up and take notice. While it will decrease my chances every so slightly if you do so, I urge you to get over there and enter to win. (If I don’t win it’s better that one of my friends does, right?)

Which item in the giveaway is YOUR favorite?

p.s. This post is not sponsored but it will earn another entry for the giveaway for me. That being said, my gushing admiration for the store is 100% genuine, if a bit embarrassing now that I see it in black and white.