"running along Waterfront Park in Portland"

I have to be me

I was in the middle of an elaborate, well-written post with lovely photos that explained how:

  1. I used to write on my blog every day. Really, I did.
  2. My blog used to be pretty popular in weight loss/fitness circles. Seriously, it was.
  3. I lost quite a bit of weight (~40 pounds) back in 2004-5 and I wrote about it here. (See #2.)
  4. I stopped losing weight in 2005 and spent the next eight or so years trying to figure out why.
  5. I stopped writing on my blog every day somewhere along the way. This makes me sad and is probably related in some way to #4.

Not elaborate or well-written, but it catches you up on where I’ve been in the past.

OK, so where was I going with that other post that I lost? Oh yeah, I wanted to say that I know it’s been really quiet here lately but it’s not because I don’t have anything good to write about, in fact it’s quite the option. The problem – if you want to characterize it as such – is that I’ve been so busy living and enjoying my life that I just haven’t made time to come here to write.

"running along Waterfront Park in Portland"
a great walk

And part of the problem, I think, is that writing here now feels like such a chore. I have to think about things and be elegant in my word choice, and include pictures and tag things with the right tags. Blah, blah, blah. I never used to care about any of that, I just came here to write about how I’d done that day. Before I cared about sponsors or building an audience or any of that, I just came here and spewed out how I was feeling. And it was good, at least for me.

So I’m going back. I’m not cut out for the big time and that is a-ok by me. I need to write here and I have so many good things happening that I want to share without worrying about how it all comes out.

No planning posts. No worrying about what day or time my post goes live. Just write, baby, just write.

I’ll be back soon to give my June update, explain what’s been going on lately, and set some goals for July. Not fancy, just some bullet points probably, but there will be updates!