I get by with a little help from my (blog) friends

In the old days, when this blog was shiny and new (nearly 10 years ago now), there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Pinterest, no Instagram – there was email and there was your blog. I don’t remember who left the first comment on my blog but I remember vividly how my heart lurched with pride when I saw that comment in my email. I suppose there was a way to track your traffic back then – I think SiteMeter was up and running then – but I didn’t have anything like that, so the comment was the first way that I ever knew anyone had read my blog. I am smiling now, all these years later, just thinking of it.

I do, very distinctly, though, remember on whose site I left my very first comment – it was Lori’s original blog, Tales of a Bathroom Scale. She was pretty and funny and talented, and enough like me that I just knew we’d be best friends if we didn’t live cross the continent from each other. We were single, we both had cats, and we were losing weight and blogging about it. A lot. (I don’t know how or why I used to post as much as I did but I can’t imagine doing so now.) And then both of us met boys who made our hearts flutter and we married them. So we blog a lot less now but we’ve never lost touch.

We’d been corresponding recently via Twitter about the Old School Weight Loss blogging club we’re going to form – in our spare time, mind you! – and chatting about the various weight loss badges we would award to members as they met various random goals. This morning I woke to find this slice of Heaven in my email inbox:

no sweat badge

And that, simply put, friends, is why I love her so much: she’s just the sweetest, most talented, most clever girl on the Internet.

Yes, blogging has evolved light years from where it used to be but some truths are unchanging. We all write in solitude and hope that someone will come along and read what we’ve written. But sometimes, when we’re very, very lucky, we also find a true friend along the way.

  • Thanks so much, my dear friend. If any of your readers have ideas for more fun badges let me know, I’m trying something out.

    • http://www.lottalatte.com

      I hope some of the good folks here will take you up on that, Lori – you know how much I love a pretty badge!

  • http://gingerzingi.wordpress.com

    Oh, you’re making me nostalgic for the good old days…!

    Awesome badge!

    • http://www.lottalatte.com

      I’m feeling a bit nostalgic lately, too, Ginger – must be my blogiversary coming up!

  • http://www.shaunareid.com

    Now that is beyond cute. Old School FTW! 🙂