High Five Friday: Helping others develop healthy habits!

In addition to renewing my focus on gratitude, I also want to work on celebrating things that I’ve done well. To that end, I found a great healthy living blog community writing prompt called High Five Friday. The idea is that we do so much in a week that we forget about, so this will be a great way to commemorate successes, achievements of note, and new abilities (not just health, happiness, or weight loss related).


Today I’m celebrating the fact that I’m helping others at work make healthier choices. Folks started to notice the effects of the changes in my food and exercise habits over the summer and started asking what I was doing to have my results. For the people on my work team and in my immediate work area, they’ve watched me change my daily habits, including getting out for walks, choosing better quality snack options, and drinking more water. Just recently, since it’s cooled down considerably from our scorching-hot summertime climate in San Diego, I put together a daily walking appointment for anyone who wants to join, followed by a short, full body stretching session back in our work area. Most days we have at least five if not more people trooping along our wonderful half mile walking path at work – cool, huh? Our work area now has a fruit bowl that’s always full of seasonal fresh fruit for snacking as well as bags of almonds and other no-to-low glycemic snack choices, so that everyone can choose what works best for them. Not in our courtyard anymore are chocolate, potato chips, or other junk food-type options – if you want it, it’s in the vending machine, but you have to walk over there to purchase.

Your turn: what have you done this week that deserves a high five?