Happy Food Revolution Day

Today is Food Revolution Day, a day to celebrate and encourage not only healthy eating but also the act of preparing healthy meals with fresh, local ingredients. If you’ve read my post from yesterday then you know that this isn’t something I’m particularly familiar with, but I intend to use the day as an excuse to change that.


(That picture, by the way, is of an artichoke growing in our community garden, in case you’ve never seen one of them in the wild.)

I’m going to grab breakfast, including a lovely nonfat latte, then head to the farmers market to see what interesting, fresh vegetables I can find to prepare tonight for dinner. Next stop is our local healthy food grocery store – think Whole Foods except small, local, and GMO free – to pick up either some poultry or seafood, depending on what looks good and is priced well. I also need to exchange my empty glass milk bottle for a new one.

Small steps but steps in the right direction.