Giving it a go

I compose blog posts in my head while I walk in the mornings. While they never seem to make it to the screen here, trust me when I tell you that they’re filled with angst and wisdom, and would probably make great reading. The process of getting them from my brain to the blog just seems like too much effort most days, in a life where every decision about what to do (and what not to do) starts with the question, “Will this thing that I am contemplating help me create a happier, healthier life?” When held to that standard, many activities that previously formed the routine of my life have fallen off my plate, blogging included.

It didn’t used to be that way, though, so what’s changed? Well, I have changed, for one. I’m not a single girl with no one at home to spend time with. Running, biking, Pilates, walking, and now yoga take up the majority of my discretionary time. Blogging has changed, too – so much focus is put on publicity and writing about things that will appeal to the larger audience. Back when I started blogging, it was about sharing your thoughts about life with whoever showed up to read them, with emphasis on the honesty and quality of what you produced, rather than how many people commented or tweeted or shared it on Google.

For a long time, I’ve allowed myself to be distracted by the shiny blogging objects that surround me when I sign into WordPress to write: SEO, categories, tags, keywords, featured image, publicity options. I get so overwhelmed with all of this that I tell myself “it’s too much work to blog, let’s do something fun instead”.

But then the thought occurs to me that if I pretended that I was back in 2003, ignoring all of the distractions, and just wrote things down without worrying about who is reading or what they think of me? I used to compose my posts in MS Word then cut and paste into Blogger (my original blog lives on that [much simpler] platform) – I could do that again to see how it feels.

Until next time, then.

  • However you like to blog is fine with me – I just like reading your words and seeing your pics in what ever format you prefer. Thanks for sharing.☺


      Hi Jeanie,

      Thank you for your ongoing support – I love seeing you in my feeds for the various fitness portals I frequent. It’s funny that I overshare pictures everywhere else but the thought of having to find just the right one for a blog post makes me absolutely frantic, so I’m glad you enjoy those other outlets and are able to get a (literal) glimpse into my world in that way.



    I can’t wait to read 🙂



      I hope you know how much your words inspire me and how I look forward to seeing notification of your posts, so thank you for stopping by and for your incredibly kind comment!


  • I would love it if you did that Denise, I’ve been following you for a long time and have always loved your journey! 🙂


      Hi Lisa,

      You are one of the first folks to visit/read my blog regularly – thank you so much for sticking with me through thick and thin (not just the weight). I appreciate your support and hope you’ll be reading more of my thoughts on a semi-regular basis because composing offline seems to work better for me, so we’ll see.


      • just so you know I’m reading from a small island at the bottom of Australia – Tasmania 🙂 (we often get left off the map!) – so you are international Denise! 🙂

  • I too compose wonderful blog posts in my head which never seem to reach publication. Too bad we don’t have some type of device that we could just think what we want and have it be saved on our computers. I would be known world-wide for my fabulous blog posts. LOL

    As a T2 myself, I admire you for what you have done. Keep up the good work.


      Hi Ila,

      I keep telling myself that at least I’m entertaining myself with my fabulous (inside my head only) blog posts, but it would certainly be nice to have one or two of them actually reach the page here. Perhaps this weekend, since I’ve finished my homework about a week early this time around and might just have some free time.

      Thanks for your visit and the lovely comment!