Doing something scary

I’ve spent a lot of my life frightened. Oh, I’ll talk a good game but most of the time, I shrink down to stay as small as possible and avoid risks. Maybe it started when I was a really small child and my father (biological father, not stepfather) used to scream at me and make me cry. Maybe it was tumbling down a flight of stairs and landing on my head when I was a toddler. I’ll never know why I am the way I am and it doesn’t matter: I’m a ‘fraidy cat.

do something scary

Today, though, I’m moving way outside my comfort zone to participate in a sprint duathlon. Starting at 8:40 am Pacific, I’ll walk/run a mile then bike 12 miles, then walk/run (crawl?) a final 3 miles. I’m not scared that I won’t finish – I’ve done more than enough training to know that I can finish – but I will probably be the very last person to cross the finish line. And they’ll be holding all car traffic until I finish the bike portion of the event, so there will probably be angry people tapping their feet, waiting impatiently for my return.

But hey, I could barely walk 15 minutes without discomfort back in January and today I’m going to complete a sprint duathlon. Let’s just celebrate that for a moment before I continue my barely-controlled anxiety attack.

I’ll be back, hopefully tomorrow, to talk about how I did in September and what I want to do for October, but for now, I’m off to start getting ready. Wish me luck!

  • REALLY looking forward to hearing how you went and how much further forward than last you finished – I have a lot of faith in you! 🙂


      Hi MissLisa,

      Thank you so much for dropping by and for the lovely comment. It means so much that you have faith in me – wish I felt the same way sometimes! As far as I could tell, there were three people behind me in the duathlon and one really fabulous lady who was the only entrant in the Over 65 group for the triathlon. (I love that lady so much for her courage and tenacity!) I did see several riders getting off their bikes to walk them up hills on the course and I didn’t have to do that, so that was a good feeling. Mostly it was the running – or lack thereof – that killed my time, because my ride portion was actually quite a bit faster than I’d trained or thought I could do. 🙂

      Thanks again!

  • First or last, doesn’t matter. You entered, you trained, and you participated. It helps the other fraidy cats to know fear can be overcome.


      Hi TackyB,

      Thank you so much for coming by, for the support, and for reminding me that some people might use my experience as a barometer for whether they should try something scary themselves. I went and I finished, and that’s more than some folks could do, I would imagine.


      p.s. LOVE the name! 🙂


    How did it go?!?!?!


      Hi Robin,

      Thank you for checking in to see how my event on Saturday went – I appreciate your support. (Whole post up now, in case you want to see the details.)