Dear Comrades: It’s been a little while since last we spoke

Way, way back, so long ago that it hardly seems real now when I think about it, I used to write blog posts as naturally as if I were casually checking in with a friend every day. Heck, I sometimes posted more than once a day if I had a particularly interesting – at least to me! – day. I didn’t worry about what anyone wanted to read, or about how it all came out, I just let words tumble onto the keyboard and the blog page. Somewhere along the way I lost that mindset and writing here became something I had to do and it had to be done properly, with tags and pictures and search engine optimization and all of that rigamarole.

I have a couple of lovely friends with whom I am supposed to check in every day to report how I’ve done on my Healthy/Happy Me routines, so I wondered if I could use the blog to do that since there can’t be anyone left reading here who isn’t a friend at this point. (Who but a friend would indulge me my long, unexplained absences?) So, with that, I give you my check-in for today:

Dear Comrades,

Where to start? It’s been a tough week, with lots of changes at work and odd pain with swelling in my shin, but I think I’ve done pretty well in staying focused on taking care of myself. The scale at Weight Watchers said that I lost 0.8 pounds this week but more importantly to me, my blood glucose testing results show no rise in my sugar levels even though I haven’t been able to walk or get any sort of real exercise since last Monday’s walking 5K – huzzah!

So, what have I done to keep my sanity – and maintain healthy blood sugar levels – without physical activity?

  • I’ve cut out nearly all carbohydrates other than fruit and vegetables from my eating. It’s not that I eat a lot to begin with but they’re completely gone until I can exercise enough to burn them off.
  • Keep close watch on the sugar content of the packaged foods I do eat. For instance, I have Greek yogurt every morning and used to scarf down 17-20 grams of sugar with the brand I was eating. Since I’ve been paying more attention, I’ve reduced that to 10-15 grams instead. Small changes add up, particularly with sugar and simple carbohydrates.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water, tea (iced and hot), non-fat/skim milk (at least 8 ounces a day), and decaffeinated iced coffee are all keeping my body humming along nicely without the false hunger cues that can sometimes pop up when I’m actually just thirsty.

TCB and I are off to watch The Book of Mormon this afternoon and I still need to take a shower, so I’ll close here. Hope all is well with you and that you’ll share how you’re doing – any challenges coming up or recently faced? – in the comments.

xoxo Denise

  • Keep up the amazing work for yourself 🙂 big inspiration!


      Hi Janneke,

      If I can help you find ways to live a happier, healthier life, I’m happy to hear it!

      Making healthy (for you) choices can be tough, particularly when there is so much conflicting information about “don’t do this” or “you MUST do this”, so my best advice is to pick one small thing to work on for a bit then evaluate how it’s working for you and make a change if needed. For me, I started with walking a very short bit on a few days a week, because that aaas all I could manage. When I felt as though that was going well enough that I could focus on building another healthy habit, I started tracking my food consumption – just tracking it at first, not making any changes. Again, small changes and stopping to evaluate how it’s working with your body before making any changes.

      Thank you so much for your visit and your kind comment!


    I “get” it about the whole blogging thing. It definitely started feeling more like a chore for me as well, especially once I went back to school. I’m really hoping to settle back into more of a routine with my blog again once I graduate in a few weeks. Have fun at the show! I saw it in San Francisco about 18 months ago. Fabulous!!


      Hi Melissa,

      I hadn’t even thought about how much time just one course last term took out of my discretionary time – good call out! In the end, unless it’s how you earn your living, blogging has to take a back seat to other, more life-critical tasks, but that doesn’t stop me feeling guilty anyway.

      Congrats on your impending graduation – way to go! The show was AH-MAZING and I’m so glad we went.

      Thanks for the visit and your insightful comment!


      p.s. Will you be at FitBloggin’?


    So glad to see your post. Congratulations on your loss; we didn’t even get a chance to share stats this morning.

    What brand of Greek Yogurt did you end up with?


      Hi Kay Lynn,

      Yoplait 100 flavors consistently had under 15 grams of sugar (and 100 calories, too, but that wasn’t nearly as much of a concern as the sugar for me), so I have one of each flavor in my fridge. There are a few flavors of Chobani that meet the criteria and only the plain and vanilla 0% for Stoneyfield – the branch I used to eat exclusively – have less than 15 grams. It’s crazy how widely it varies, especially when I think about busy moms who are trying to do their best for their kids and would be better off just grabbing a box of sugar-filled cereal with non-fat milk instead!


  • nice to see you back 🙂 and don’t stress about blogging regularly – life’s just busy at times. It’s nice to see you when you pop up.