Blogger Road Trip 2012 and FitBloggin’

I have had the most amazing week and my head is swimming with the goodness of it all. I need to process some of the bigger stuff but I want to write something quickly to capture some of the magic for posterity.

  • Meeting Marla and Lori for the first time in real life was incredible. I love both of them so much and to be in the same room with them only reinforced that
  • Spending a day with Jennette was great. She’s so smart and so generous with her knowledge that you almost – but not quite – forget that she’s suffered with a headache for over four years. (Four years!) Thanks, Jennette, for the tour of Chapel Hill, and especially for showing us where John Edwards slunk off to after Elizabeth threw his cheating self out of the house
  • Chatting with Carla. She is an amazing mother and human being, and I am blessed to count her as a friend
  • Meeting Sheryl, Robin, Mara, Karen, Jess, andΒ Cynthia was such a treat – they are all creative, warm, and wonderful writers, so give them a read today if you haven’t already done so
sisters by Henrike on Flickr

Words feel inadequate to describe what a week with Shauna was like. We laughed a lot, we drank a lot of coffee and some tea, too, we listened to 80s pop rock for hours, and we talked a lot about life and love and health. If I had a sister, I’d want her to be just like Shauna. I miss her already and know that a little piece of my heart will be in Scotland until we meet up again. (You know what’s sad, though? I don’t have a single picture of the two of us together. Seriously. If you are reading this and you have such a picture, would you send it along? Please and thank you.)

I’m off to the lab for my regularly scheduled blood work. Oh boy, I’m sure this will be good!

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