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Knowledge is Power: Eye Exams for Diabetics

The professional support team needed for a person dealing with a chronic disease such as Type 2 diabetes is large. My team includes a primary care physician, an endocrinologist (diabetes doctor), a psychologist, a dentist, a periodontist, and an optometrist. It can feel … Continue reading

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Manage Stress: Dealing with Diabetes Fatigue

  Successfully managing a chronic disease like type 2 diabetes requires making hundreds of decisions each day, over and over again, without end; this is exhausting. Some days this is no big deal: I eat well, I exercise, I laugh … Continue reading

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Nourish Your Body: What can I eat with Type 2 diabetes?

One of the most common questions I hear when someone finds out that I am diabetic is, “Wow, what can you eat?” I generally say that I try to limit processed foods, foods made primarily from sugar or flour, and white … Continue reading

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Five principles of effective diabetes self management

People sometimes stop me during the day – at work, mostly – to ask what my “secret” is. I used to get embarrassed by the question but now I realize that folks are looking for a blueprint to create their … Continue reading

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Effectively managing stress

Do you know someone who never seems to react to the craziness around them but rather stays calm and serene at all times? While I want to be more like that, my more common response is to let the energy … Continue reading

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The Future

When I started to blog, close to 12 years ago, my life was very different. Even in the last year, things have changed a lot for me, in so many lovely ways. The need to lose weight is no longer … Continue reading

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Diabetes and exercise: A powerful combination

The biggest factor for me in taking control of my Type 2 diabetes has been making moderate physical exercise – primarily walking – a part of my daily life. While changing what I eat has certainly helped that effort along … Continue reading

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Exercising for diabetes control: Doing something scary

This time last year, I was dealing with pre-race jitters and preparing for my first duathlon. Tomorrow morning, I’ll complete my second duathlon and, while my preparation has been lackluster at best, I’m in a very different place than last … Continue reading

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Living With Diabetes: Remembering to take medication

I was approached by The American Recall Center to participate in “Talk About Your Medicines” month, a public service effort during the month of October. I received no compensation nor other consideration for this post and the ideas expressed are … Continue reading

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Diabetes & Depression: All in your head

It’s estimated that as many as 30% of diabetics also suffer from clinical depression. While the “which came first”/”which causes which” argument hasn’t been settled at this point, it’s clear that treatment and care plans for diabetes should make provision … Continue reading

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