And now we are four

Today’s adventures included not only Marla but also Jennette and, of course, Shauna – how did I manage to find such amazing friends?

The morning started with breakfast at the hotel for Shauna and I, then Marla came along to meet us and off we tootled to Chapel Hill to meet up with Jennette. We cruised around town checking out local landmarks like the University of North Carolina, the apartment where John Edwards lived after his poor wife kicked his philandering butt to the curb, and the Mediterranean Deli where we had lunch.

After lunch we strolled down the main drag to grab iced coffees then drove to the North Carolina Botanical Garden for a leisurely stroll around the various gardens. Shauna got to see her first Venus Flytrap, an event worthy of pictures which I’m pretty sure someone took but I don’t have right now. Instead, here’s a picture of the water gardens where the cute, little turtle lives:

Native Water Garden at North Carolina Botanical Garden

Tomorrow we leave for Baltimore on Amtrak so that we can arrive in time for the opening night reception at Fitbloggin’. One chapter of Blogger Roadtrip 2012 closes and another one opens!