It’s been a crazy few months. Travel. (Fun.) Holidays. (Mostly fun.) New volunteer opportunities. (Exhilarating, exhausting, and fun.) Making changes around here. (Fun. Scary, but fun.)

In the midst of all of that fun, it was also our busy season at work, which is not always fun but it’s required and I work with amazingly talented, dedicated people, so it’s not so bad. For better or worse, that part of our work year ended Tuesday night and now we’re all sort of hungover and want to find a dark, quiet place to nap. Once upon a time, a very LOOONG time ago, we would take at least a month off from doing anything significant, to recover from the insanity, but that practice is long gone and instead we’re jumping into next year’s development efforts with vigor. It’s a good thing because it’s how we stay on top of our games, but a day or two of rest wouldn’t go amiss.

I bring this up because I got a bit sidetracked – OK, it was more like a complete derailment – from Project HealthFirst, the healthy eating initiative intended to improve my diabetes outcomes. The backsliding must stop now and renewed focus and energy will be applied in the coming days to ensure I’m back on track as quickly with my health as I am with my work commitment. I wouldn’t slack off there and I can’t slack off when it comes to avoiding a heart attack or stroke due to high blood sugar!

With Mummy and Daddy

I share this picture of me with my mum and dad earlier this month because it’s a reminder for me of what’s really important: friends, family, love, life. None of those things will be possible without my health, so it’s simply got to be a commitment for me  there are no other good options.

  • I love the photo of you with your parents. You look adorable! Great sunglasses.


      I love that photo, too, Lori. Thank you so much for the kind comment and for coming by the visit my new space. 🙂

  • Denise, thank you for sharing your walk towards a healthly lifestyle. Iwill be 60 in September and also have Type II Diabetes. In fact, tomorrow morning I return to the doctor for a checkup. I’m nervous because I waited until the last minute to really start watching my food intake. Today is a good day after a weekend of eating. Last week was another first for me when I walked 2.286 miles. I just made up my mind and out the door I went. Today I plan on getting on my elliptical for about 20 minutes. A little bit is better than none at all. Have a wonderful day today. BTW, love the pic of you with your parents. God Bless…………….Tricia


      Hi Tricia,

      I just had a check in with my doctor, too, and I’m afraid I didn’t put forth enough effort on a consistent basis because my blood sugar results were disappointing. Still, I know why it happened so it’s a matter of doing what I need to do and being consistent about it. Since Monday, instead of promising I’ll do an hour in the gym, I’ve just been throwing socks and my walking shoes on and doing three laps around the walking path at work. It takes about 30 minutes (a little more right now because I’m so out of shape) and they say that 30 minutes on 5 days a week is a good goal, so I’m aiming for 4 days this week and 5 next – we’ll see. Slow but steady, right?

      Thank you for your comment and good luck with your own HealthFirst efforts!