A little bit of motivation

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m using a Fitbit One activity monitor along with a Fitbit Aria wi-fi enabled scale. In case you’re not familiar with these devices, let me give you a little run down on what they do and why I’m excited to have them in my arsenal.

Fitbit One activity monitor

I’ve used a lot of pedometers/activity monitors through the years and they all work in basically the same way: you wear them at your waist and they keep track of your steps throughout the day. The One is a little different because it not only keeps track of my steps but also how many flights of stairs I take and how much sleep I get every day. The idea is to give you a picture of your whole life so that you can work on areas that aren’t where you’d like them to be. All of that information is sent wirelessly to a web portal/iPhone app where it joins up with information from the available scale (see below) and other information you can manually input such as water consumption and what you’ve eaten all day. I got bored by manually entering my food after a day so I started using the MyFitnessPal application, which talks with Fitbit so it knows how many extra calories I can eat based on my activity level for the day. (Hooray for extra calories!)

Since one of my long-term goals for this year is to lose 10% of my body weight, I’m going to be weighing every week. (I’ve added a countdown widget from MyFitnessPal to the sidebar so you can all follow along at home.)

Fitbit Aria wi-fi smart scale

I love our Aria scale because not only is it an accurate and consistent way to see how my weight is coming along but it sends all of my data to the Fitbit website and app without me doing anything other than standing there on Sunday mornings and praying. (Not sure the prayer helps with weight loss but it can’t hurt, right?)

Anyway, I think part of the allure of my Fitbit paraphernalia is that it makes this whole “eat less, move more” thing a bit like a game, and I do like games, particularly those that come with prizes. (Did I mention I’ve gotten several badges for my walking now?) Shiny objects and silly badges – who knew that was all I needed to get me motivated to take better care of myself.

Are any of you on Fitbit and/or MyFitnessPal? If so, please add me as a friend so that we can share in the fun together.