A dream is a wish your heart makes

I used to dream about being a writer – you know, in the same way that you might dream of becoming a firefighter (which I also dreamed about). The strange thing is that I never thought about having my stories in books or magazines but rather their being somehow out in the world for others to find and read. (That doesn’t sound strange now but in the mid-1970s that was pretty revolutionary.) I fed my creative spirit with lots of reading and writing all the way through college, then I stopped. The pressures of the real world – rent, an early marriage, my health, etc. – intruded, and I stopped dreaming about anything except weekends.

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When I found blogging, a part of me that had long been dormant came back to life. I blogged quite happily at my old site for nine years, until Blissdom this year made me wonder if I couldn’t be doing more with my site. So I did some research, found some great partners, and what you see today is the result.

Seth from Spears Marketing migrated my blog – with over 1,200 posts from nine years – from Blogger to WordPress. He set me up with the Genesis theme and framework, Backup Buddy to do full, automated backups of my entire site including widgets, themes, and plugins, and he got both of my domains/URLs (lottalatte.com and lottalatte.net) pointed here without my having to do anything. I feel like a real, grown up blogger now and I know that my site is stable and build on a solid framework which eliminates potential worries about losing everything. (It’s happened before.) I owe Seth big time.

While this site is stable and secure, the design just wasn’t “me”. With Blogger I’d learned over the years how to mess around with the design on my own so that I could make everything just right. WordPress is not Blogger and I’m still figuring out how to post things properly, much less tinker with any of the bells and whistles, so I knew that I wouldn’t be redesigning my site. I was searching for help with WordPress themes when I stumbled across Kirsten’s site and my blogging world will never be the same. Kirsten listened to me as I waffled on about wanting flowers on my site, and clean fonts, and an email sign up box, and a way to feature other blogs that I love, and PINK – lots and lots of pink. In addition to my ramblings, I also deluged Kirsten with random pictures of things that I loved, including a scarf, a floral arrangement from the lobby of a Las Vegas casino, and a few other blogs that I liked. She has been calm, reassuring, and supportive as she diligently worked her Design Ninja magic and I could not be any happier than I am with the results.

If you, too, would like the blog of your dreams, I cannot recommend both of these folks highly enough.

For me, the original dream of being a writer is still alive. Inspired by the beauty of my new design and secure in the knowledge that I can do whatever I want without breaking my site, I’m looking forward to writing another chapter in my blogging career. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

  • Writing has been a life-long dream for me as well. That’s what I love about blogging, the opportunity to write and publish and get immediate feedback. PS. Your site looks great!

    • http://lottalatte.com

      Thanks for coming by and checking things out, Dorothy. I do so love being able to write and share what I’m thinking – it has definitely made me a stronger writer.

  • I have design envy for your beautiful site!

    I too dreamt about being a writer, I spent hours writing plays and short stories as a kid & blogging has brought that passion back!

    Thank you for shaing!


    • http://lottalatte.com

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comment on the design (Kirsten is AMAZING, isn’t she?). I thought I was the only one who wrote plays and short stories as a kid so it’s good to know there were others out there, too! I hope that kids today are able to get their own blogs, when it’s safe and appropriate for them to do so, because it really helps refine your writing and make you stronger.


  • Soooooo cute!

    • http://lottalatte.com

      Thank you so much for the kind comment, Anne – it is so very, very me. I worried that it was too over the top for some but then I realized that if it makes my heart sing then people who like me and my writing will probably like the design, too. 🙂

  • I LOVE wordpress and I am SO glad that I switched. And I love that you worked so hard to make your blog design reflective of your personality!

    • http://lottalatte.com

      Hi Missy,

      Thanks so much for visiting! It has definitely been worth the work both to move to WordPress and to work with Kirsten to get the design just so. Of course now I have to make sure the content lives up to the design, but that’s why I’m here, right?

      Best regards,